Cyprus Flood Forecasting System

The ultimate objective of the Cyprus Flood Forecasting System (CyFFORS) project is to embark on innovative research activities in order to enhance the research potential in Cyprus, through the introduction of a new post-doctoral young scientist at the upper Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group (CyIRG). His incorporation into the CyIRG will be supported by constructive collaboration with established fellow scientists from the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). This cooperation is important because it coincides with the recent initiative. The specific and technological objective of the project is to increase flood risk awareness and to promote preparedness against flooding. For this, a prototype flood forecasting system will be developed and validated for Cyprus based on a state-of-the-art hydromoteorological modeling tool. This will be deployed in a pilot mode during the implementation of the project in order to deliver ultra-high-resolution hydrological forecasts and flood warnings. A dedicated web-based platform will be used for communicating the project’s outcomes, including the forecasting products and alerts, to the general public and to the local authorities. The project will be also beneficial for the society and economy since it will introduce a prototype flood forecasting system to support the efficient flood risk communication and to increase the citizens’ preparedness.

The project consists of 6 work packages:

    WP1. Project Management

    WP2. Dissemination Activities

    WP3. Collection of Flood Risk Information

    WP4. Development of the Flood Forecasting System

    WP5. Calibration of the Hydrological Components of the Flood Forecasting System

    WP6. Pilot Application of the Flood Forecasting System

The main aim of the proposed project named ‘Cyprus Flood Forecasting System’ (CyFFORS) is high-level scientific research in the field of lower atmospheric physics with a focus on the meteorological analysis and risk management of floods induced by severe weather events. Specifically, a young Post-doc scientist will be responsible for developing, validating and delivering a prototype flood forecasting system. The scientific and technological objectives of the proposed research during the CyFFORS project are:

1) To develop a prototype flood forecasting system based on a state-of-the-art hydrometeorological modeling tool, namely the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model with its hydrological (Hydro) extension package (WRF-Hydro).

2) To deliver a robust modeling methodology that will be easily transferable to other flood-prone areas of Cyprus and Greece.

3) To establish efficient dissemination tools promoting flood-risk awareness.

4) To increase our understanding of flood mechanisms and risks.

5) To enhance the awareness of citizens and stakeholders regarding flood risks.


Christos Giannaros / Frederick Research Center

Christina Oikonomou / Frederick Research Center

Haris Haralambous / Frederick Research Center

Vassiliki Kotroni / National Observatory of Athens

Kostas Lagouvardos / National Observatory of Athens