Research Grants / Projects

Project TitleFunding SourceDuration (Months)StartCy-IRG roleTotal Funding (EUR)
1International Reference Ionosphere Validation and ImprovementResearch Promotion Foundation24Apr-22Coordinator200,000
2PREcipitable WAter vapour Monitor Research & Innovation Foundation18May-21Partner117, 644
3Opportunistic Precipitation Sensing Network CA20136EU COST Action48Oct-21Partner
4Cyprus Flood Forecasting SystemResearch Promotion Foundation24Nov-19Coordinator159,760
5Extending HF Interference Studies over CyprusResearch Promotion Foundation24Feb-20Coordinator160,000
6Retrospective modelling and prediction of ionospheric weatherResearch Promotion Foundation36Nov-19Coordinator75,000
7Potential Enhancements in Ionospheric Monitoring under SSAESA - European Space Agency12Jul-19Coordinator49,092
8Pan-European Consortium for Aviation Space weather User ServicesInternational Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)Nov-18Partner
9SERVice for ImproviNg Galileo operation over CyprusResearch Promotion Foundation24Oct-18Partner200,000
10Enhancing Space Awareness in Cyprus through Space Weather StudiesESA - European Space Agency24Aug-18Coordinator50,000
11Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances EffectsH2020-COMPET-2017 FU36Nov-17Partner1,579,000
12BalkanMed real time severe weather serviceINTERREG BalkanMed24Sep-17Coordinator1,063,000
13Atmospheric Electricity Network: coupling with the Earth System, climate and biological systemsEU COST Action48Oct-16Partner
14Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climateEU COST Action48May-13Partner
15Investigation of earthquake signatures in the ionosphere over EuropeResearch Promotion Foundation20May-14Coordinator25,000
16Disturbed Ionospheric and geomagnetic conditions under the influence of solar activityResearch Promotion Foundation24Dec-12Coordinator25,000
17Cyprus Ionospheric Forecasting serviceResearch Promotion Foundation24Aug-12Coordinator150,000
18Monitoring,modelling and prediction of HF Spectral Occupancy over CyprusResearch Promotion Foundation30Apr-11Coordinator130,000
19Installation and operation of a GNSS scintillation monitoring station in CyprusCollaboration with Nottingham University UKSep-11Partner
20Installation and operation of an Atmospheric Weather Educational System for Observation and Modeling of Effects (AWESOME)Collaboration with Stanford University USAJul-09Partner
21Ionospheric modeling and predictionResearch Promotion Foundation12Jan-09Coordinator47,750
22Developing space weather services and products in Europe ES0803EU COST Action52Jun-08Partner
23Monitoring of latitudinal variation of ionospheric disturbances over Africa and EuropeResearch Promotion Foundation24Jan-08Coordinator12,000
24Installation and operation of an ionospheric monitoring stationResearch Promotion Foundation48Dec-06Coordinator230,000
25Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems COST296EU COST Action48Feb-05Partner