Enhancing Space Awareness in Cyprus through Space Weather Studies

The proposed project aims to enhance awareness of the widest possible societal spectrum in Cyprus about space science, relevant technologies and their application through space weather studies. It particularly intends to inspire and encourage young people to pursue space science and engineering related education by exploiting the stimulating topic of space weather and related applications and the potential it offers for vivid learning experiences through exposure to stimulating learning activities. The project is anticipated to generate significant interest for space related research in the immediate future and also to boost the visibility of high level space technology in Cyprus in an effort to increase the number of Cypriot qualified scientists and engineers in space science and technology in the long run.

The project consists of 6 work packages:

    WP1. Project Management and Quality Assurance

    WP2. Preparation of space educational and awareness material and equipment

    WP3. Space educational and awareness activities in Secondary Education

    WP4. Space awareness activities in Academic sector and the general public

In order to increase awareness about space science and technology we shall target various groups of young people (Secondary Education level, and University level) but also the general public in Cyprus. The proposed activities will focus on the space weather discipline in order to exploit it as the basis to inform, educate and ultimately stimulate the interest of the young generation. With a focus to high-school students we will follow innovative and interactive didactic approaches. The ‘PLANETERRELLA’ apparatus which simulates the solar wind and auroral lights will be constructed by the Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group (CyIRG) at Frederick University (FU) and its demonstration to young students will support this endeavour. We will also strive to organise as many public lectures as possible and participate in all science awareness events and festivals set up in Cyprus during the project period.

The main component of the project is the 2 year permanent exhibition that has been assembled in the premises of Frederick University in two very big rooms that used to be operated as studios by Frederick Broadcasting TV station. This exhibition will focus on targeted audience from secondary education, University and general public.  This is an ideal location to host Space Weather demonstration material in the best possible conditions.  The abundance of material which is already available will be translated to be hosted in this permanent exhibition. The DVD provided by ESA relative to Space Weather and the Sun, will be used and adapted in the frames of the project, as it is very well-structured and appropriate for the purpose of the exhibition.


Haris Haralambous / Frederick University

Christina Oikonomou / Frederick University

Avgoustinos Tsaousis / Frederick University