Ionospheric modeling and prediction

The primary objective of the proposal is to establish a collaboration between a distinguished scientist and the recently established ionospheric research group of Cyprus with the ultimate aim to develop models appropriate to describe ionospheric variability in the Cyprus region. In particular, to develop models and algorithms for ionospheric specification, real-time construction, short-term forecasting and long-term prediction of ground based ionospheric sounding parameters. The collaboration is anticipated to be very beneficial for the Cyprus group, taking into account the lack of any scientific expertise in this field on the island. This initiative will also enhance the knowledge of the broader ionospheric community and verify the validity of various modeling approaches at low latitudes where the ionosphere is least explored and poses a significant challenge to scientific community.  The results of the subsequent modeling efforts will aid towards improved understanding of the upper atmosphere environment over the Eastern Mediterranean region and especially of the morphology and climatology of ionospheric irregularities also enhancing the knowledge on the coupling mechanisms between mid-latitude and low-latitude ionosphere.  Emphasis will be placed on the performance of these models under geomagnetic disturbed conditions due to space weather phenomena, which are the main cause of increased ionospheric variability, and their associated consequences which will enable the mitigation of the deleterious ionospheric propagation effects on practical terrestrial, Earth-space communication and navigation systems. This is of considerable interest since the morphology of the low latitude ionosphere is complex and includes spatial and temporal variability on a wide range of scales.

The project consists of 6 work packages:

    WP1. Project Management

    WP2. Dissemination & Exploitation of results

    WP3. Develop models and algorithms

    WP4. Validate existing models over Cyprus

    WP5. Develop models for disturbed conditions

The main aim of this proposal is to achieve the integration of the invited scientist, Dr. Ljiljana R. Cander in the newly established Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group (CyIRG) for the benefit of the group and also of the Cyprus scientific community. This is quite important because it coincides with the first initiative undertaken in Cyprus to conduct experimental ionospheric observations and measurements. In addition the possibility to enhance collaboration in the long term and to establish a strong research bond with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) is considered very important considering the capacity of this institution and its long tradition and remarkable record in ionospherc research. Especially in this particular field where the expertise is becoming relatively scarce these days, the contribution of Dr Ljiljana R. Cander is anticipated to be invaluable in the effort to embark on this research area under the best possible terms.


Ljiljana R. Cander / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Haris Haralambous / Frederick Research Center

Photos Vryonides / Frederick Research Center

Lefteris Economou / Centre of Applied Research and Technology