Monitoring of latitudinal variation of ionospheric disturbances over Africa and Europe

The primary objective of the proposal is to establish an ionospheric monitoring network over Cyprus and Egypt by linking the corresponding instruments in operation in the two countries. This objective has been already met to a significant extent since there has been a number of occasions where ionospheric disturbances over the region were recorded in both countries revealing interesting features about the development of such phenomena. The results and the subsequent analysis of observations from coordinated measurement campaigns indeed aided towards improved understanding of the upper atmosphere environment over the Eastern Mediterranean region and especially of the morphology and climatology of ionospheric irregularities over a significant latitudinal extent also enhancing the knowledge on the coupling mechanisms between mid-latitude and low-latitude ionosphere. Emphasis was placed on the characterization of the relevant phenomena under geomagnetic disturbed conditions due to space weather phenomena, which are the main cause of increased ionospheric variability, and their associated consequences which will enable the mitigation of the deleterious ionospheric propagation effects on practical terrestrial, Earth-space communication and navigation systems.

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