Monitoring,modelling and prediction of HF Spectral Occupancy over Cyprus

The primary objective of the proposal is to establish a dedicated measurement system to provide effective measurement and analysis of HF spectral occupancy in Cyprus. The incentive for this initiative stems out of the well known fact that interference from legitimate users is one of the most common problems encountered in the use of the HF spectrum due to its long range transmission properties.

With the congested nature of the HF spectrum, where users with differing requirements compete for diminishing available bandwidth within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) frequency allocations, there is strong motivation for developing an understanding and models for spectrum usage. Such models find application in both short-term forecasting of channel availability for communications applications, and for long-term prediction of HF spectrum usage for spectrum management and evaluation especially in the context of defence communication systems.

The research undertaken will involve an extensive investigation of the dependence of HF interference characteristics on various parameters such as signal threshold level, frequency, solar activity, filter bandwidth, time of day, season and signal elevation angle. Ultimately this effort aims to provide experimental data and to develop statistical, mathematical and possibly data-driven models that may be used in conjunction with frequency predictions to advise operators on typical interference occupancy levels and assist in the planning of frequency usage and management.

The results and the subsequent analysis of observations from continuous monitoring of HF spectrum occupancy over Cyprus will aid towards improved understanding of HF spectral characteristics over the Eastern Mediterranean region and especially of any systematic variations present.

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The project consists of 6 work packages:

WP1: Project management

WP2: Dissemination and exploitation of results

WP3: Installation of the monitoring system

WP4: Measurements across the whole spectrum

WP5: Parameter and model investigation

WP6: Development and access to the HF service

The main objective of the project is the installation of a HF spectral occupancy monitoring system that will initiate a novel service of added value to HF communication networks that can support critical functions like public information, humanitarian relief aid, disaster mitigation and military operations as a virtue of adequate performance merits at low cost and short deployment time.

The final output of this research is anticipated to enhance HF related services by studying extensively and consequently, mitigating the effect of interfering transmissions emanating from distant locations. As a result the complex undertaking of monitoring the usage and the degree of spectral congestion in the HF frequencies which is the main objective of this research proposal has economic, political, social and military elements associated to it.


Dr. Haris Haralambous | Frederick Research Center
Dr. Photos Vrionides | Frederick Research Center
Dr. Harris Papadopoulos | Frederick Research Center
Dr. Michalis Makrominas | Frederick Research Center
Dr. Marios Lestas | Frederick Research Center

Lefteris Economou | Centre of Applied Research and Technology


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