Contact Information

Dr. Antonios Constantinides

Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Antonios Constantinides is a post-doctoral researcher at FRC working on the project “Extending HF Interference Studies over Cyprus”.  His skills in coordination of demanding engineering projects has also been demonstrated through two funded high tech research projects, which he has successfully implemented while also conducting his doctorate degree. Particularly, the first research project was endorsed by the Research Promotion Foundation, with the goal of optimizing Digital Video Terrestrial Transmitters (DVB-T) in terms of efficiency and linearity of the final stage. The second project was initiated by the Ministry of commerce (high tech division), as a part of which he undertook the design and development of a dual-band solid state laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) amplifier that enables operation in Band II (87.5−108 MHz) by analog FM, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM+) exciters and in band III (174-240MHz) by Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) transmitters.