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Dr. Marios Charalambides

Permanent Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group researcher

Dr Marios Charalambides is a senior researcher at FRC and an Assistant
Professor at Frederick University and contributes in optimisation problems
and mathematical modeling in the Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group. He holds
a PhD in Mathematics and a PhD minor in finance from the University of
Wisconsin Madison, USA. His research interests are split in two components:
(a) Basic research which includes numerical analysis of spectral methods,
geometry of polynomials and finance. (b) Industrial research which includes
optimization methods, financial economics and risk analysis. Dr
Charalambides has published in leading journals of his field such as SIAM
Journal on Numerical Analysis, Proceedings of the American Mathematical
Society, European Journal of Operational Research, Integral Transforms and
Special Functions and Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. He
has also been a member of the research teams of many funded research
programs in industrial research.